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How to control progress bar in MDT/SCCM Task Sequence using VBScript

Ever wondered how to control Task Sequence progress bar? This post will give you a quick overview on how to tap in to relevant object with an example of custom delay step. This approach works just fine in both MDT and SCCM Task Sequences without modifying a single line of code! Controlling the progress bar … Continue reading

VBScript to prompt for hostname and validate input in SCCM OSD Task Sequence

There are countless ways to set a hostname in SCCM OSD Task Sequence: through variables, queries or manipulating various files. You can automate hostname assignment and derive it from, for example, a serial number or a MAC address, however sometimes it is necessary to prompt user to enter hostname (e.g. for hostname to match asset … Continue reading

VBScript to ensure BGInfo reports correct version of Internet Explorer

My colleague¬† encountered a problem the other week with BGInfo reporting “incorrect” version of IE. He had used his package for months with a great success, until when customer requested IE to be upgraded from version 9 to version 11. BGInfo’s built-in variable for IE version returned value that was prefixed with “9.” – and … Continue reading