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Windows PE startup sequence explained

In Windows OSD there comes a time when you have to dive into startup process of Windows PE. Whether it is to troubleshoot boot up time issues, or to create a bespoke deployment solution, having a basic understanding of chain of events taking place when WinPE loads helps a great deal. In this article I … Continue reading

Changing MDT deployment share path (bootstrap.ini) on boot (on the fly)

Many of IT deployment professionals out there have a need of supporting multiple deployment shares. Whether it is for different departments, customers or environments the classic approach is that each deployment share means generation of a new boot image. Maintaining WDS, supporting all network and storage drivers for WinPE as well as enforcing consistency across … Continue reading

Automating BIOS upgrade and settings replication on Lenovo systems in WinPE

In my line of work BIOS upgrade/downgrade is a topic that keeps coming back quite frequently. Along with actual BIOS firmware update there also may be few settings that need to be applied and if you are dealing with bulk deployments – it makes sense to automate the process to save time and eliminate human … Continue reading

Storage driver swap in WinPE using DISM

Recently I have been asked to upgrade a standard issue mSATA SSD on Panasonic ToughPad FZ-G1 to 256GB SSD and clone manufacturer’s preload onto it. Task, as easy as it sounds, turned out not to be so straightforward after all. After deploying the image and booting onto the hard drive the OS would blue screen … Continue reading