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PowerShell script to query content status for a specific Task Sequence and generate a HTML report

In a perfect world all your SCCM content is managed properly and all Distribution Points are in a healthy status. Unfortunately, in a real-life that may not always be the case. Before running a major upgrade project, or perhaps a new release of your build, it might be good idea to check status of the … Continue reading

How to prepare TPM chip for BitLocker encryption in a single Task Sequence step

You may have encountered a problem with your Task Sequences that a step to start BitLocker encryption does not work as expected. Depending on a method used to start the encryption (e.g. built-in “Enable BitLocker” step, StartMBAMEncryption.wsf script), the error you are getting varies, but quite often the underlying issue is the same: the TPM … Continue reading

Changing data type while importing CSV file using OLE DB

Couple months ago a bug has been reported in one of my scripts: occasionally when importing data a MAC address field would get corrupted in the process. Having some time this week I looked into the issue and found the underlying problem. In this instance MAC addresses are presented in plain text format (no delimiters), … Continue reading