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How to downgrade TPM 2.0 to TPM 1.2 on HP machines in SCCM OSD Task Sequence

You may have encountered a scenario where TPM needs to be set to version 1.2 in order for encryption to work correctly (e.g. on Windows 7 platform). Many machines come with TPM 2.0 these days, however they still offer a backward-compatibility of running TPM 1.2 – quite often this is available as an option that … Continue reading

How to prepare TPM chip for BitLocker encryption in a single Task Sequence step

You may have encountered a problem with your Task Sequences that a step to start BitLocker encryption does not work as expected. Depending on a method used to start the encryption (e.g. built-in “Enable BitLocker” step, StartMBAMEncryption.wsf script), the error you are getting varies, but quite often the underlying issue is the same: the TPM … Continue reading

How to control progress bar in MDT/SCCM Task Sequence using VBScript

Ever wondered how to control Task Sequence progress bar? This post will give you a quick overview on how to tap in to relevant object with an example of custom delay step. This approach works just fine in both MDT and SCCM Task Sequences without modifying a single line of code! Controlling the progress bar … Continue reading

Windows PE startup sequence explained

In Windows OSD there comes a time when you have to dive into startup process of Windows PE. Whether it is to troubleshoot boot up time issues, or to create a bespoke deployment solution, having a basic understanding of chain of events taking place when WinPE loads helps a great deal. In this article I … Continue reading

Changing default Windows 8.1 wallpaper during MDT Task Sequence

Changing a wallpaper should be a trivial task, shouldn’t it? All we need to do is to replace a file… This post walks you through hurdles you will stumble up and how to get through them. Default Windows 8.1 wallpaper is stored in C:\windows\web\wallpaper\Windows directory and is called img0.jpg. However, you can’t just overwrite the … Continue reading

Changing MDT deployment share path (bootstrap.ini) on boot (on the fly)

Many of IT deployment professionals out there have a need of supporting multiple deployment shares. Whether it is for different departments, customers or environments the classic approach is that each deployment share means generation of a new boot image. Maintaining WDS, supporting all network and storage drivers for WinPE as well as enforcing consistency across … Continue reading